Vintage Blog Posts

1. Posture
2. Breathing
3. Resonance
4. Building a Tone Model
Pranayama Exercises for Singers

Dance of the Diaphragm
Rise of the Soft Palate
The Larynx

The Practice of Practicing
Warming Up: First Things First
The Chaos of Repertoire
Learning by Ear
Learning by Heart:Using the Roman Room Method for Memorizing Songs
Learning by Heart: 15 More Tips for Memorizing Songs

8 Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright, Using Airplanes
How Horses Can Teach You Stage Presence
Advice for Choristers (April Fools post!)

Style and Imagination
#1. The Inner Ear
#2. The Inner Eye
#3. The Inner Dancer
Dance and Movement Imagery
#5 The Sense of Taste and the Hot Cocoa Meditation
Five Secrets of Great Dressers

Vocal Health
Aromatherapy for Singers
How to Love Your Ears
C.R.A.S.H. Course in Vocal Health
Singing On Your Period
Hard Times with Heartburn
The Where, When and Whether of Marking

1. Affording an Album
2. Singing in the Studio

History and Culture
1. Great Singers of the Past
2. The Gramophone Greats
The Joys of Joiking

The Most Important Thing in Singing
Let’s Take an Aspiration Vacation!
The Best Singing Quotations for Inspiration

Do You Like Your Own Voice?
Ten Terrible Things to be Thankful for

Personality and Performing: An Introvert Takes the Floor
Find Your Sweet Spot

Singing into Silence: Chanting in a 12th century French monastery

Looking back on Bangkok: a Treasury of Memories

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