Sense #3, Touch: Imagination and the Inner Dancer

Hands touchingLast Sunday our humble little church choir was singing the anthem for the offering, and as I was looking out over our congregation, all listening politely in their Sunday best, I noticed a little two-year old girl in the front row dancing along in a flurry of movement. She rocked from side to side, swinging her arms in big wide arcs, then as the music crescendoed, began hopping up and down, then spinning in place, regaining her balance just long enough to strike a pose for the final chord.  The funny thing was, even at such a young age, and without any music training, she was moving along perfectly with the beat and the mood of the music, two things our choir, despite its best efforts and intentions, was failing to fully grasp.

The image made me smile. Few people know this about me, but if there is anything I love more than singing, it is dancing. Continue reading