The Where, When and Whether of Marking

Road marksRichard Miller, in his book “Solutions for Singers”, gives this good definition of marking: “Sparing the voice during rehearsal through reducing dynamic levels; indicating certain pitches rather than singing them fully.”

While the purpose of marking is to save the voice, particularly when directors are placing high demands on a singer, or a singer is “out of voice” (due to illness, oversinging, etc.), many teachers and singers claim that it hurts more than it helps. Still, I have yet to meet a professional singer that does not mark from time to time, and have met many an amateur who could benefit from marking techniques. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Choristers

ChoirSinging in a choir can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but one you will enjoy more if you know a few ground rules before jumping in. Today I want to share with you ten pieces of advice that every amateur and professional chorister should know and follow. Continue reading